Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Cow, has it been an eventful month or what? A very nice Mother's Day at Mom and Dad's, a Memorial Day BBQ at Jeff and Amanda's, a baptism (congratulations, Jackson!) and two new family members!
Ryan Spencer was born on May 15th, 6.5 lbs.

Zoe Kate was born May 12th at 5:51pm, 6.5lbs.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Updates from Katie and Rhett
We have been busy doing the same as usual... sports, music, homework, and just managing 5 kids. Spencer, Cameron and Alex played basketball this winter. It was so fun to watch their games and cheer them on. Alex was excellent at getting rebounds for his team, and Spencer scored baskets almost every game! Spencer's team played in a tournament and took 2nd place, by a loss of 1 point in overtime. It was an intense game!

In February we did get to sneak away toSt. George to watch Spencer in a soccer tournament and play with our friends. Spencer did great in the tournament, they took 2nd place! They were playing boys a year older, so we were proud of him. We also got to hike through Snow Canyon, it was beautiful!

We mostly are enjoying our new space in the basement. It has changed the dynamics in our family. The kids now feel like they have some room to breathe and have their own space. Rhett had a huge Super Bowl party here. It was a lot of fun. I had my friends from college over, we played Rock Band into the "wii" hours of the night. Alex had a boy/girl party with some friends from jr. high. Rhett and I had fun chaperoning it. We feel so blessed we were finally able to finish the badly needed space.

Adam is loving preschool and can't wait to start soccer. Conner is growing up so fast, he is walking, talking (in his own language) and keeping us all laughing with his cute little ways. Rhett and I call him the "Great Un-doer". He seems to empty drawers, cupboards and boxes in a matter of minutes. Oh, and we can't forget the dog dish- he empties that too! Besides the messiness, he truly is an easy baby, so mellow and happy. We are so lucky to have him!

We hope all is well with you guys!

Love, Rhett, Katie & boys

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a quarterly (or more... who knows?!) newsletter of family events. This is our service gift to MaryLynn & Scott, but we welcome comments and submissions at anytime! Whether or not our name truly means "cabbage pond," hopefully the title will be catchy enough to remember and find when you want to read what's up! The following messages were submitted by the people who were at the March FHE at our home. Happy Spring! ~love, Scott & KarenHi Guys! We miss you! Shaden just had his birthday. He had a Disney Party and dressed up as "Troy" from High School Musical. He's funny! Bryan has been working really hard! Our kids have had the yucky sickness going around and are finally healthy! Yea!!! We can't believe you are 7 months along, MaryLynn! We love you guys! ~Bryan & Jaime

Hi MaryLynn & Scott! Dad and I took several of the old ladies from the Sunrise to the Draper Temple Open House. It's beautiful and they loved it. We had to remind one of them where we were going several times in the car- but once she got there she loved it! Life is full and busy. We love you! ~Mom and Dad

Hi MaryLynn & Scott- We heard you're having a great time in Italy, that's so awesome. Well, here's what's going on in our house. Quin had an awesome parent-teacher conference. His teacher gave him an award for improving so much. she only gave one to each class. Sofia just got her five-year-old shots and was so brave. She is very tall for her age and has 20/20 vision. Rob has started playing hockey and is doing great with his exercise routine. Brooklyn has been very busy!! She has lots of teeth, including two big molars. I am having fun with my new found love for Zumba. My latin dancing skills are improving. We love you a lot! Love, Kristina & Rob and kids

Happy Birthday, Scott! We hope you had a great day. Hope all is well with my fellow pregnant sis. We are doing great, still finishing our house. We are due for new carpet in 3 weeks, after I finish painting. Ok, here's the update from the mouth of Jim: "still chasing kids, still remodeling, still here, uh, can't think of much more!" Hope you enjoyed yourself in Europe! We love you guys~ Jim, Kimberly, James, Samantha, Zackery, and Ashley

Nothing really new since my email a few days ago. The kids are doing well and we will very soon be busy with soccer. We are looking forward to it though and are excited to go to Colorado in May for a tournament. Ava is getting big and will be waliking within the month. Hope Europe was fun- it sounds beautiful. Love you! Jeff, Amanda, Bryson, Allie, Jack, Chase, Evan, and Ava

It has taken me a week to post since these messages were written, so sorry for any old news. We're crazy busy at our home, with Scott training for Moab, lots of church responsibilities, lessons, homework and meetings-A-rama. Abby, Wes and I will get to attend the temple dedication in the temple on Saturday while Scott is running his half marathon. Other than that, our big excitement this week resulted from Andrew's "Leprechaun Trap" that he set the night before St. Patrick's Day. When he woke up the next morning, a hole in the box indicated that the leprechaun had escaped, but he left behind a huge pile of chocolate gold pieces! Dad was especially impressed (and involved) with Andrew's creative idea, but Mom is just wondering if this has set an obligatory precedent for future St. Paddy's Days! We miss you guys and hope you are well. ~Lots of love, Scott, Karen and crew

P.S. If you'd like to submit an update of your own, M&S, send it to me and I'll add it here!